Pickle’s Story

It all started when my daughter was born and her daddy called her Pickle! As she began to play with dolls and asking for more specific

accessories that I could not find anywhere, I started thinking about making my own.

Having studied at St Martins, I had a keen eye for beautiful products, my love for inspiring design grew from there.

Watching Mary Portas’ documentary about manufacturing knickers just made it click. Manufacturing in the UK was the only way to go.

With 3 kids at home and childminding as a living, there was no time to move it forward until we relocated from Highgate to Kent.

And so PICKLE was born!

We want to share our love for all things beautifully made in the United Kingdom.

As well as designing and making our own products, we have teamed up with British manufacturers and other talented artisans who share our love for beautifully designed items made here in the United Kingdom.

We are constantly updating and making new and exciting products so we are sure you will want to visit us time and time again.